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10 Primary Care Conferences for Physicians to Attend In 2024

Optimize Health | 05 January 2024
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In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, when committed to delivering top-notch care, it is necessary for physicians to stay ahead. As we approach 2024, a series of conferences stand out as beacons of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration for internal medicine and primary care physicians.

From unveiling astonishing research to enabling a community of collaborative care, these events strive to empower physicians and enrich the healthcare experience for all. Whether medically seasoned or simply passionate about the future of healthcare, these events provide a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between the medical community and the broader public.  

Top 10 Primary Care Conferences for Physicians to Attend in 2024

Here are the details of 10 conferences Primary Care/Internal Medicine Physicians should attend in 2024.

  1. Primary Care Update 2024 (MATE) in January 9-11, 2024, Florida, US

Embark on a comprehensive educational journey with a Live Pharmacology CME program tailored for medical professionals eager to stay abreast of the latest advancements in drug therapy. This will take place at Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, FL, US on January 9-11, 2024.

Over three decades, nurse practitioners, family physicians, physician assistants, and pharmacists have consistently found value in this exceptional pharmacology CME. The program distinguishes itself through intimate class sizes, building an environment conducive to meaningful discussions with clinical faculty members and esteemed educators who hail from reputable medical and pharmacy schools, actively engaged in patient care daily. 

This unique setting ensures an enriching educational experience, providing attendees with the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of drug therapy and its practical applications collaboratively and engagingly. A few speakers are Dr. Reamer Bushardt, and Dr. Eugene Orientale, M.D.

  1. JPM 2024 42nd Annual Healthcare Conference in January 8 – 11, 2024, San Francisco, CA, US

Explore the peak of healthcare investment symposiums at this premier conference — the largest and most informative in the industry. Join a dynamic series connecting global industry leaders, visionary technology creators, and investment community members that will take place in San Francisco, California.

Immerse yourself in the Health Community, a showcase of leading innovators and cutting-edge solutions addressing contemporary health and wellness challenges. Discover first-hand how the latest advances, leading research, and best practices are driving the growth and scalability of digital health solutions on a global scale.

The ICPCFM is set to be a flagship event, taking place in Dubai, UAE, on February 01-02, 2024. Primary Care 2024 is driven by the ambition to unite individuals with a passion for primary care and family medicine, creating a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange to propel the field forward.

This is one of 2024 conferences to attend for primary care and internal medicine physicians designed to achieve a multifaceted goal encompassing – the tackling of current challenges, and the shaping of the future landscape of healthcare in primary care and family medicine. Through interactive workshops and insightful discussions, the objective is to empower healthcare professionals and researchers, encouraging them to actively contribute to the nurturing of healthier communities.

The conference extends a warm welcome to a diverse range of participants, including primary care physicians, family medicine specialists, nurses and nurse practitioners, pharmacists, public health professionals, researchers, and academicians, as well as practising internists and family practitioners. 

  1. Pri-Med Annual Conference (Primary Care CME/CE Conference & Expo) in February 8−10, 2024, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Your participation in the Pri-Med South: Primary Care CME/CE Conference & Expo is eagerly anticipated, scheduled to take place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from February 8 to 10, 2024. The esteemed expert faculty is committed to delivering the most recent updates in primary care while inspiring and revitalizing you for a return to your practice.

For nearly three decades, they have worked to create a better way for primary care clinicians to access insights and information to improve patient care. This conference boasts an entirely fresh curriculum, and as you immerse yourself in the transformative event, anticipate gaining insights from cutting-edge knowledge and revitalizing your approach to primary care.

The Internal Medicine for Primary Care program equips participants with advanced skills to develop tailored treatment plans for type 2 diabetes and adeptly diagnose and customize strategies for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The 2024 session will hold at Walt Disney World Resort, FL, with a curriculum that covers the assessment and comparison of asthma therapies, and the evaluation of pharmacologic options for ADHD.

These 2024 conferences to attend for primary care and internal medicine physicians also delves into identifying risks associated with abnormal thyroid function, utilizing thorough geriatric assessments, and interpreting bone scans to assess risk factors. It critically reviews the current evidence for anxiety disorder treatment, empowering participants with up-to-date knowledge. 

Participants develop strategies for the identification and treatment of substance use disorders, rounding out a comprehensive and impactful curriculum that enhances their proficiency in internal medicine for primary care. This conference is targeted to office-based primary care providers and other health professionals with updates in primary care medicine.

  1. AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference in February 11-14, 2024, Orlando, US

Immerse yourself in the premier event for rural health, where more than 1,000 dedicated leaders will converge in Orlando. United by a commitment to advancing rural health and ensuring quality care for patients and communities, this conference is a centre of expertise and innovation.

Discover practical solutions to challenges, network with like-minded professionals, and leave empowered to make a lasting impact on rural health care. The 2024 AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference is your gateway to advancing your practice and elevating the quality of care in rural communities, Also, formulating strategies to build a more sustainable and flexible rural healthcare workforce.

The conference is crafted for professionals from Rural Hospitals, Health Care Systems with a Rural Presence, Rural Health Clinics, and Associations and Community Health Organizations. The key participants are physician executives, nursing administrators, public health officials, and community leaders.

  1. Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) Converge in April 12-15, 2024, San Diego, US

Discover best practices and novel innovations that can be seamlessly integrated into your practice, elevating the standard of care you provide to your patients. This symposium in San Diego isn’t just a conference; it’s a transformative experience designed to re-energize and refocus your practice, equipping you with the tools needed to enhance patient care and navigate the evolving landscape of modern medicine and healthcare.

With several hours of thought-provoking sessions each day, you have the freedom to craft a personalized schedule that aligns with your interests and professional goals. Whether you’re delving into ground-breaking research or exploring practical applications, the diverse educational tracks cater to every facet of healthcare.

  1. American Geriatrics Society (AGS) Annual Scientific Meeting in May 7 -8 & 9 – 11, 2024 (pre-conference days and meeting days), Virtual

The AGS Annual Scientific Meeting stands as the premier educational event in geriatrics, providing a platform for the latest advancements in clinical care, ageing research, and innovative models of care delivery. 

The 2024 Virtual Annual Meeting is curated to address the educational needs of geriatrics professionals across various disciplines, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, long-term care and managed care providers, physician assistants, social workers, and health care administrators. Also, to stay abreast of emerging clinical issues, current research in geriatrics, education, health policy, and the delivery of geriatric health care. 

This 2024 annual meeting will be conducted entirely in a virtual format, allowing the flexibility to engage and learn from the comfort of your home, office, or any location of your choice.

The 2024 SGIM annual meeting, with the theme “Strengthening Relationships and Valuing Our Diversity” is designed to enhance members’ skills in relationship building by bringing together individuals with diverse perspectives and strengths to address current challenges. The aim is to showcase the richness of the society, encompassing ambulatory and inpatient physicians, researchers, educators, and faculty at various career stages. 

Emphasizing that diversity is a collective strength, the meeting at the Sheraton Boston Hotel seeks to unite individuals across different roles and career levels, building a sense of strength both individually and as a cohesive community.

  1. American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) FMX’24 in September 24-28, 2024, Phoenix, AZ, US

FMX unites family docs to celebrate all things family medicine. Explore exclusive education, inspirational moments, and much more at the annual global conference. Learn from researchers, connect with other physicians, and explore what’s new, next, and cutting edge for your specialty.

Primary Care & Remote Patient Monitoring

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