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Develop a remote care ecosystem based on your structure and needs.

Creating a remote care program requires a suite of tools that work together to ensure that it’s sustainable and effective. The type of healthcare organization impacts how you construct your plan, and you’ll need a solution partner who understands the unique qualities of your practice, healthcare system, or hospital. With its remote patient monitoring software, clinical monitoring services, and supreme customer support for both the patients and providers, Optimize Health will build a customizable remote care program that fits the needs of your organization.

Remote care programs for every healthcare group

Physician practices
Value-based care
Hospitals and health systems
Physician practices

Physician practices

A remote care program is attainable for small to mid-size practices because we’ve got you covered. Our remote patient monitoring software is easy to deploy and use. With our clinical monitoring services, your staff doesn’t have to take on more work. We can verify eligibility, onboard patients, deliver devices, monitor them with licensed nurses, and support billing needs.

Tracking patients with chronic diseases can make a difference in their health, with real-time information sent from devices to the platform. Chronic condition patients do see their physicians regularly. However, you don’t have visibility beyond the vitals you take at appointments and the patient’s symptoms update. Remote patient monitoring closes this gap with daily readings, which gives you more data to make the best treatment decisions. It supports continuity of care.

Value-based care

People with Plus

Value-based care

For value-based care (VBC) organizations, remote patient monitoring is an essential tool to improve patient outcomes by linking reimbursement to the quality of care provided.

RPM enables VBCs to provide quality care beyond exam rooms in several ways. It can play a key role in patient engagement and satisfaction improvements with regular contact between care providers and patients. Constant vitals monitoring delivers data to care teams, leading to better patient health, including lower blood pressure, weight loss, and more stable A1C numbers. It also maximizes clinical efficiency, allowing you to treat many patients remotely with the help of technology and clinical monitoring services.




Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are part of the safety net for patient communities they may otherwise not have access to care. Your mission is to promote health and wellness to these populations, and remote care is an avenue to do this.

Remote care programs offer great value for FQHCs and those they serve. Often, FQHCs have many chronic disease patients in their care. As a result, they need close monitoring of vitals and medication adherence. Beyond regular follow-up visits with physicians, FQHCs have little data that provides insights into the day-to-day management of their patients’ diseases.

RPM can transform situations to deliver more connectedness and continuity of care. Such a program provides regular vital readings and regular communication between patients and care teams. Those interactions can be reminders to use their devices or take medications and answer patient questions. Additionally, if vitals become elevated, physicians get immediate notifications so they can intervene, which can reduce the need for emergency care and hospitalizations.

Hospitals and health systems


Hospitals and health systems

A remote care program enables clinical outcome improvement at scale. No matter the size of your patient population, you can develop a plan that ensures equitable care, either with your staff or our team of licensed nurses.

With a program in place, it gives your health system a differentiator, enhancing patient engagement. Our remote patient monitoring platform is health system-ready, with tools to share data, track progress, and measure performance. Our solutions also support coding and billing.


Practice Profitability


Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) can use RPM to better manage the most high-risk patients in their network. With the ability to monitor chronic conditions and take action immediately, the outcome is reduced hospitalizations and ED visits.

A feature in our platform that ACOs attribute to the prevention of emergency care is the escalation framework. When critical readings occur, physicians can respond and intervene in the moment.

The healthcare data from the pool of patients empowers physicians in your group to have more insight into treatments and progression. They can then make proactive decisions more effectively.

How healthcare organizations benefit from Optimize Health remote care programs

  • Support patients outside the practice walls with multiple conditions—diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and more.

  • Keep patients out of the hospital with real-time interventions on critical readings.

  • Increase patient engagement with a platform that includes built-in text messaging and click-to-call.

  • Automate notetaking and administrative requirements.

  • Improve daily outcomes with real-time patient vital data.

  • Share data between teams and locations.

  • Benchmark performance among members of a care team.

  • Sync data to your EHR.

  • Demonstrate shared savings across the organization.

  • Simplify billing and coding.

  • Generate a new revenue stream with remote patient monitoring.

  • Optimize your revenue cycle.


“The Optimize Health team worked diligently to customize a program design that worked for us and our member practices. In our efforts to reduce costs, we have already seen a positive impact for our highest-risk patients using remote monitoring.”

—Cindy L. ACO VP Operations

“I can't believe we get this level of customization.”

—Bonnie E. CMA APC Physicians

“The platform's level of detail gives me a clear view of my patients and allows me to make quicker clinical decisions.”

—Kristyn B. Care Coordinator

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