Optimize Health Participates in ACP Tech Hub

Ryan Clark | 04 May 2022
2 minute read

Optimize Health was thrilled to participate in the American College of Physicians’ (ACP) Tech Hub at their Annual Meeting April 28-30th. The ACP Tech Hub gave internal medicine providers an opportunity to learn about new digital health technologies. This year’s Tech Hub focused on two primary categories – artificial intelligence and remote patient monitoring (RPM).

ACP Tech Hub and Remote Patient Monitoring

We were thrilled to see Tech Hub buzzing with physicians that wanted to learn more about cutting-edge ways to improve clinical care. We heard physicians talking about the ability of RPM to play a major role in transforming healthcare. Doctors are embracing the idea of patients taking more control of their own health beyond the traditional walls of a clinic exam room.

While RPM was still a new concept for some of the physicians in the Tech Hub, it was exciting to see physicians really taking notice. We heard nothing but enthusiasm for adopting RPM both for the clinical outcomes and reimbursement opportunities.

ACP Guide to RPM Solution Variations

To help providers that are evaluating RPM systems, ACP put together a great set of guidelines outlining the variations between RPM solutions, including:

  • Equipment ownership (RPM company, practice, patient)
  • Transmission Technology (Bluetooth, Cellular)
  • How data is uploaded (Manual, Automated, EHR integrated)
  • Quality of measurement device (FDA approved, clinical validation)
  • Functionality (Engagement tools, easy-to-use monitoring of real-time data, customizable management tools, billing and coding support, etc.)

We would recommend adding one more important element to ACP’s list – additional services such as clinical monitoring services, eligibility verification, and direct patient onboarding. For practices that have staffing resource constraints, outsourcing some of the additional RPM activities can be critical to launching a successful program without overburdening existing staff.

How Does Optimize Health’s RPM Solution Stack Up

Relative to the ACP guidelines, Optimize Health is thrilled to provide an easy-to-use, patient-centric, full-service solution.

  • Equipment ownership: Multiple device options, including upfront purchase or pay-as-you-go
  • Transmission Technology: We offer cellular and Bluetooth devices and focus on finding the right patient experience for your patient population. Cellular options are particularly easy to use – no smart phones, apps, or device pairing are needed.
  • How data is uploaded: Automatic transmission with an option for EHR integration.
  • Quality of measurement device: All devices are FDA-approved and clinically validated.
  • Functionality: Easy-to-use dashboards and monitoring tools with real-time alerts make engaging with patients easy. Automated time tracking for easy billing.

Ready to Learn More?

Like ACP, we are committed to helping physician practices provide high-quality, cutting-edge care to their patients. If you are ready to transform clinical care at your practice, schedule a free consultation with an RPM expert.