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Announcing Optimize Health’s RPM Eligibility Verification Service

Optimize Health | 04 January 2024
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Nearly 30 million Americans live one hour or more from their nearest major medical center, so when COVID-19 took root in early 2020, it’s no wonder that more adults started using remote care than ever before. With the level of personalized care and convenience that remote care and remote patient monitoring (RPM) offer, patients discovered that they could easily share their blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and more with their providers, opening a real-time window into each patient’s health.

Now, patient demand for remote care is now at an all-time high, best of all, the number of commercial carriers covering remote care and RPM is also at an all-time high. The fact is: RPM isn’t just for Medicare patients anymore.

What is RPM Eligibility Verification?

Optimize Health’s RPM Eligibility Verification service helps you find the carriers covering RPM in your state to give you an accurate view of what your payer mix will look like. With just a little information from you about your practice and your patients, in a matter of days you will discover:

  • All the carriers near you that cover RPM
  • If pre-authorization is required
  • Accurately forecast your RPM program opportunity 

Best of all, our service is HIPAA-compliant, giving you results that are safe and secure.

Benefits of RPM Eligibility Verification

With our new service, we help you extend the clinical impact of RPM to the patients who would most benefit from real-time monitoring, without any administrative burden. 

Other benefits include:

  • Minimize denials or delays
  • Fast-track patient activation 
  • Diversify and expand your revenue across CMS and commercial payers
  • Accurately forecast your RPM program revenue 

60% of patients we have screened have been eligible for RPM, giving our customers greater opportunities for improving patient outcomes and revenue streams.

We believe that the power of preventive care shouldn’t be confined to a specific age group, and so do many of today’s leading commercial insurance carriers. Let us help you extend the clinical value of RPM to your patients who would most benefit from daily monitoring, without taking on any administrative burden. 


Contact us today to learn more about our RPM Eligibility Verification service and how you can activate preventative care for more of your patients.