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Optimize Health Helps Christine Meyer, MD and Associates Deliver Quality Care

Optimize Health | 01 September 2022
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Christine Meyer, MD and Associates, a 13-provider practice in the greater Philadelphia area, is committed to providing top quality, patient-centered care. Like many practices, they have a large number of patients with long-term chronic diseases, including hypertension and diabetes and are always looking for innovative ways to improve the care and quality of life for these patients.

RPM is Good Medicine

One of the most challenging aspects of treating patients with chronic diseases is managing their care between office visits. Before RPM, even when patients were taking their blood pressure at home, the providers at Christine Meyer, MD and Associates did not have access to the data.

In 2020, they launched remote patient monitoring (RPM) with Optimize Health to overcome this challenge. Their program has been extremely successful and now has over 450 patients. Lauren Marohn, the RPM lead, says, “RPM has allowed our patients to take control of their health, and they’re excited to see that their blood pressure or blood sugar is lower. RPM just allows us to deliver good medicine.”

RPM as a Standard of Care

Christine Meyer, MD and Associates have been so happy with the results that they now view RPM as a standard part of the care plan for their patients with hypertension and diabetes as well as those on weight loss programs.

All 13 of their providers are actively ordering RPM for patients. Providers engage with patients to set expectations for ongoing participation in RPM. They explain that RPM prevents hospitalizations, strokes, and other adverse events. Even when a patient’s readings are trending within range for a period of time, Christine Meyer, MD and Associates treats RPM as part of their permanent care plan. As Lauren reminds patients, “Hypertension is a silent killer.”

Driving Patient Engagement with Optimize Health

Once patients are enrolled, Lauren uses the Optimize Health platform to prioritize her work each day. “The platform highlights which patients had critical readings so I know who needs help or to be called immediately. I can also view patients by conditions, last reading taken, or number of readings that month so I can see what to prioritize next.”

A huge part of Christine Meyer’s success is Lauren’s trusted relationships with her patients. “I do a lot of patient outreach and I’ve become familiar with who needs more support. I had one patient whose blood pressure kept getting higher and higher, and so I immediately called her to come into the office, and we gave her meds, conducted a cardiac workup, and saved her from a hospitalization.”

The Future is Growth

Christine Meyer’s plans for the program include focusing on ongoing engagement as well as growth. They want patients to truly understand how RPM prevents strokes and hospitalizations and can save lives.

Lauren’s goal is to continue to engage both providers and patients to grow the program. “I hope to someday have 900 patients enrolled in the program so that we keep delivering better care, and can save them from hospitalizations and unnecessary critical events.”

Ready to Be the Next RPM Success Story?

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