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Clinical Research Supports Powerful Impact of RPM for Treating Hypertension

Optimize Health | 17 March 2022
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The use of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has been increasing rapidly to help hypertensive patients improve blood pressure. A growing body of clinical research supports the role of RPM for managing hypertension.

Research Supports the Role of RPM in Managing High Blood Pressure

At a time when demand for remote care services is continuing to grow, the research indicates a powerful and promising role for RPM in improving blood pressure control and decreasing hospitalizations. These studies indicate the best results are achieved not just from patients taking readings at home, but the combination of at-home readings with timely remote interventions based on the additional data.

We understand that healthcare providers need to direct their limited resources to programs that have been clinically proven to positively impact patient outcomes. That is why we compiled and synthesized a collection of 16 studies that scientifically demonstrate how RPM can help hypertensive patients.

Highlights of the Research Include

Consistent Results with Optimize Health Outcomes

Optimize Health’s own experience using Remote Patient Monitoring to manage blood pressure produced results consistent with the clinical research. Hypertensive patients using Optimize Health’s managed RPM service saw an 11-point decrease in systolic blood pressure and a 7-point decrease in their diastolic blood pressure measurements.

How to Use the RPM Hypertension Research

Physicians and ordering providers routinely rely on the results of clinical research studies to make patient care decisions. If you have an existing RPM program or are considering launching one, these studies can be used to:

  • educate physicians on the clinical benefits of RPM;
  • justify the investment of staff time and practice resources into launching or maintaining an RPM program; and
  • improve RPM patient identification and onboarding based on patient populations that can benefit from RPM

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