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The Genesis of the First Operating System for Remote Care

optihealthstg | 10 January 2023
4 minute read

When I joined Optimize Health almost two years ago, I was incredibly excited about the opportunity ahead of us in the market.

Today, that excitement is 100-fold as we officially launch the new Optimize Health remote care platform. I teased the launch of this solution a few months ago, and here are some reviews from our pilot clients:

  • “This platform is actually built for a physician mindset, rather than a list of features that people think should be in a platform.”
  • “Optimize Health is making remote care valuable to the patient.”
  • “The platform focuses on the benefit for the actual patient, not just how to get 20 minutes of engagement. We’re able to focus on what’s going to make the patient better and better their outcomes with the least amount of technological barriers.”

So why’d we build it? When I’d visit our customers, I heard the same thing over and over again: “We love what you’re doing, but we want more.” It’s rare to join a company as a Product leader where product-market fit already exists, and we needed to take advantage of this rarity. We made the decision to build the next-generation platform that could do more for our customers, as well as the things they didn’t know they needed. Enterprise-grade security. AI-powered patient engagement. Extensible across any remote care program.

Any care, one platform. 

Combining product-market fit with happy customers and a huge opportunity to support the future of remote care–that’s why I’m excited. 

I’d be remiss not to list a few of my favorite features

  • Global search: search the entire platform by anything. Anything. Did someone drop off a device and you don’t know who it belongs to? You can search by Device ID. Looking for a patient and only know their birth month? You can search by that. 
  • Managed Services for all: Create care plans and goals for patients across RPM, CCM, PCM, or CCCM. And we’ll do the rest of the work. We’ll let you know who can be monitored when, who can be billed, and who needs more support. 
  • Real-time revenue dashboard: now you know exactly how your program is performing in the moment, not days, or even weeks later.
  • Family, Friends, and Caregivers: engage with your patients’ entire support network to ensure they stay committed to improving their health. We know it takes a village.

Building a world-class product is one thing, and we are damn proud of what we announced today, but building a world-class Product and Engineering team is a whole other story. And no small feat. We have been able to do this at Optimize Health for three reasons. 

We are a mission-driven organization. 

We are on a mission to transform how medical groups use technology and real-time data to treat patients outside of the practice walls. To us, it’s simple: brick-and-mortar medical care isn’t going anywhere. But it’s also 2023, and doctors need help managing all of their patients, and a lot of those patients need more support than what they’re getting in-office. That’s what we’re here for, and that’s why we love building for our users. We see the fruits of this labor every day when patients thank our nurses for helping them improve their conditions. There is no better feedback loop and no better feeling than this. 

We are a product-first organization, and we are driven to build beautiful and functional products that create real value for our customers. 

I’ve built a lot of products throughout my career, and I’ve learned that creating real value is an art. There are beautiful products out there, and there are functional products out there. But building products that are both beautiful and functional and also create value for our doctors and our patients is truly extraordinary. Being a part of an organization that is centered around this is the reason we’re able to launch the industry-leading remote care platform today.  

This is an incredible opportunity to make a real difference and drive the future of the remote care industry.

I wrote above that we needed to take advantage of product-market fit, a happy customer base, and a huge opportunity, and I’m not exaggerating when I say huge. The virtual care industry is a $250 billion dollar industry that is ripe for disruption and a true vision. There are a ton of digital health solutions out there, but they’re siloed and each one is trying to solve its own little problem. 

We see the opportunity to consolidate the remote care space, and lead it. Our providers want to serve their patients remotely but also successfully and seamlessly, and so we built the platform that will help them do this. No other platform does it as well as we do.

If you like what you see and you’re a builder, come join us. We’re always looking for the best and brightest to join our team. If you’re a doctor who’s been searching for the right platform to manage your virtual patients, you’ve found it. Visit to learn more.