How to Choose an RPM Solution (Checklist)

Optimize Health | 17 August 2022
3 minute read

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) has grown rapidly as clinical evidence continues to demonstrate that it is an effective solution to scaling care and improving outcomes. As RPM has grown, so has the number of RPM providers. Choosing the right RPM partner is critical to the success of your program.

The RPM selection process is no longer just about choosing the best software. It’s about finding a partner who offers a complete solution that fits your practice and your goals. To help you do so, we’ve put together a checklist you can use to conduct a thorough evaluation so that you choose a great, not just good, partner.

This checklist includes evaluation questions for the following key considerations for choosing an RPM partner

  • Best-in-Class Software
  • Patient Engagement
  • Client Support and Success
  • Managed Services
  • Device Selection
  • Partner Expertise

Best-in-Class Software

Software should make your staff’s life easier, not harder.

  • How easy is it to add a new patient?
  • Can I bulk upload new patients?
  • How easy is it to view and triage readings?
  • What type of alerts and notifications are built in for crisis and out-of-threshold readings?
  • How can my monitoring team use the software to manage their daily tasks?
  • Is time spent caring for patients automatically tracked?
  • How easy is it to communicate with patients from the platform?
  • How do I document notes?
  • How configurable are the settings so the software works for my practice’s needs?
  • How does the software help me increase patient adherence and engagement?
  • Customizable reminders?
  • Communication tools?
  • Will the software incorporate regulatory updates?
  • What tools, tracking, and documentation are available in case of an audit?
  • How does the software track requirements needed to bill each CPT® Code?
  • How easy is it to submit billing?
  • Does it integrate with my EHR?

Patient Adherence and Engagement

RPM is only successful (clinically and financially) if patients are taking readings and engaged in their treatment plan.

  • How many patients take the required 16 days of readings per month on their platform?
  • What is their patient retention rate?
  • What tools does the software have to help with patient adherence?
  • How easy is it to see and sort which patients are adhering to their treatment plans?
  • How easy is it for patients to use the devices?
  • How often do patients report issues with their devices?
  • How do they help with the patient onboarding process?
  • Do they provide onboarding and/or monitoring services if we do not have enough staff?
  • How easy is it for our team to see data on patient adherence and engagement?
  • Will they assign a Client Success Manager that regularly analyzes engagement data with us and helps us improve?

Client Success and Customer Support

The right client success team should be helping you to launch, maintain, and grow your program.

  • How do they define Client Success and how is it different from Customer Support?
  • Will we get a dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM)?
  • What is the experience and background of their CSMs?
  • How often will we interact with our CSM?
  • Will they help us create a Success Plan?
  • When do we create the success plan?
  • What’s included in a success plan?
  • Do they have implementation-specific resources in addition to the CSM?
  • What is the role of the implementation team vs. the CSM?
  • What type of training do they provide?
  • Do they provide onsite support for initial onboarding?
  • How long should it take to onboard our first 20-30 patients?
  • What type of patient growth and engagement data will we have access to?
  • Do they schedule regular business reviews?
  • What is the agenda for a business review?

To view the complete checklist including questions to ask about managed services, staffing solutions, device selection, financial considerations, and partner expertise, click here.

Are you Ready to Launch an RPM Program or Considering Switching Vendors?

The most successful RPM programs are a true partnership between your practice and your RPM partner.

If you are ready to start the evaluation process and would like to consider Optimize Health as a potential RPM solution, we are ready to answer all of the Checklist questions. Please set up a free consultation.