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Nurses Week 2024

Nurse Week 2024, Day 4 – Our Nurses Speak: Personal Stories and Professional Insights

Saverio Curcio | 09 May 2024
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OptimizeHealth’s Care Team

As we continue our celebration of Nurses Week, today’s post gives voice to the experiences, challenges, and motivations of our very own nurses at Optimize Health. From the profound inspirations that led them to nursing to the dynamic role of technology in shaping their daily work, these stories reflect the heart and resilience of our team.

What Inspired Our Nurses to Choose Their Career?

Our nurses come from diverse backgrounds, but they all share a common thread—a deep-seated desire to care for others and make a tangible difference in their lives. Here are some of their reasons for choosing nursing:

  • “Inspired by my mother’s tenacity as a nurse, I was drawn to the profession to continue a legacy of care.”
  • “My great grandmother’s nurturing presence during my childhood spurred me to pursue a career where I could offer the same comfort and love to others.”
  • “Witnessing my mother’s health struggles, I was motivated to learn about medicine and help others understand their health better.”
  • “The combination of my fascination with the human body and my passion for helping people made nursing the perfect fit for me.”
  • “Nursing offered me a stable and fulfilling way to provide for my family, and it has given back more than I ever imagined.”

Proudest Moments in Nursing:

Our nurses have made profound impacts in various settings, and they share some of their proudest achievements and heartfelt moments of being a Nurse:

  • “As an orthopedic nurse, I’ve faced many challenging cases, but one involving a young boy stands out distinctly. After suffering a severe leg injury from a snowmobile accident and enduring multiple surgeries, he had to undergo an amputation due to poor circulation—a decision made with his grandparents to prevent worse outcomes like sepsis.

    Despite the success of the procedure, the boy struggled deeply with feelings of loss and betrayal, exacerbated by conflicting opinions from his occasionally present parents. Throughout this tough period, I supported him and his grandmother both medically and emotionally, often having our most candid conversations when one of us was briefly out of the room.

    A year later, during a follow-up visit, he happily shared that he had received a pet rabbit for Christmas, which he named Heather after me. This moment of joy and gratitude was profoundly fulfilling, highlighting the deep emotional impact nurses can have beyond clinical care.”
  • “I would have to say being a COVID Nurse, on a locked unit for dementia and psychiatric patients. It was a challenge and a honor to be there for the patients, we had lock down in LTC, speaking to families on the phone who were so heartbroken and appreciative you were with their loved ones, so they didn’t pass away alone.”
  • “There are so many memories in my career that I am proud of. There is no higher calling than putting the needs and wants of others ahead of your own. I am probably most proud of the fact that I have been able to care for the elderly all over the country as I have practiced in 9 states.”

Balancing Life and Emotional Demands:

Nursing is not just a profession; it’s a calling that requires a delicate balance of emotional investment and personal well-being. Our nurses share how they manage this balance:

  • “I try to ‘shut off’ work after hours, focusing wholly on my personal life to maintain balance.”
  • “Finding joy in patient care makes balancing the emotional demands of nursing quite natural for me.”
  • “I focus on self-care, ensuring I stay healthy and rested to give my best both at work and home.”

How Technology and Remote Care Are Shaping Nursing:

As the landscape of healthcare evolves, technology plays a pivotal role. Our nurses discuss how remote care is transforming their profession:

  • “Remote care allows us to monitor patients more effectively, especially those in remote areas or with mobility issues, ensuring they receive consistent care without frequent hospital visits.”
  • “With the growing adoption of telehealth, I see a future where healthcare is more accessible, reducing unnecessary hospital visits and supporting patients in their homes.”
  • “The role of technology and remote care bridging an important gap in nursing, keeping people from unnecessary visits to the doctor and ultimately keeping them from ending up in long term care facilities.”

Challenges in Remote Care Settings:

Remote nursing presents unique challenges, from technological hurdles to the lack of physical patient interaction. Our team highlights some of these challenges:

  • “One major challenge is the lack of physical presence, which means we must rely heavily on verbal and visual cues during remote consultations.”
  • “Staying active and socially connected is crucial, as remote work can sometimes feel isolating.”
  • “Since we’re not face-to-face, it’s crucial to sound empathetic and approachable rather than robotic. This helps in breaking down barriers and building trust with patients, making remote interactions more personal and effective.”

Advice for Aspiring Remote Care Nurses:

For those considering a career in remote patient care, our nurses offer these words of wisdom:

  • “Embrace technology and continuous learning to stay effective in remote care settings.”
  • “Ensure you have a dedicated, private workspace to maintain professionalism and confidentiality.”
  • “Ask questions to your fellow nurses that are also remote! Ask what personally works for them for their new lifestyle and how they navigate hurdles in a remote setting as each organization is different.”
  • “Develop your communication skills when conversing with other nurses and co-workers remotely. Know what tools to use and where to look for the right information.”

Final Reflections: Celebrating Our Nursing Heroes

As Nurses Week progresses, the stories from our team at Optimize Health highlight the deep commitment and resilience of nurses. These narratives reveal not just the professional challenges they face but also the profound personal motivations that drive their care.

Our nurses, blending compassion with cutting-edge technology, are pioneers in the evolving landscape of healthcare. They extend their expertise beyond traditional settings, ensuring that every patient receives compassionate and competent care, no matter where they are.

These insights emphasize the need for flexibility, continual learning, and maintaining human connections in a digital world. As we reflect on these stories, let’s commit to supporting and learning from our nurses, fostering an environment that nurtures their growth and well-being.

Thank you, nurses, for your unwavering dedication—not just during Nurses Week, but every day.