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The Power of Shareable Patient Data

optihealthstg | 28 February 2023
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Enhancing the Patient-Provider Relationship

I’m a visual person. Color-coordinated graphs and infographics are my love language. It’s incredibly beneficial for me to have a tangible document to reference during conversations- especially ones regarding my health.  

According to a National Coordinator for Health Information Technology survey, 91% of Americans believe it is helpful to view their health records during doctor visits. In addition, 67% of those surveyed said that they felt more motivated to take an active role in their health and trust their healthcare providers after reviewing their vitals with their providers.

Unfortunately, sharing patient information is complicated. Transferring patient data from one system to another is a nuanced process that often overloads electronic health records or EHRs with unhelpful pieces of information. This results in hours of provider time sorting through piles of patient data in their EHR.

But Optimize Health makes it easy to get patient information from our system into yours (or your EHR).  Our Patient PDF is the single source of truth that contains essential patient data like patient vitals and allows you to customize what information is sent into your EHR. 

For example, the Patient PDF allows you to determine what data you download from our platform and how often you download it. By customizing the information in each PDF download, you can include the most important patient information based on your unique workflows. You can also control the flow of information and prevent your EHR from becoming cluttered with unnecessary information.  This solution helps you personalize the information you share with your patients, while encouraging them to become more involved in understanding their health trends over time. 

By making it easier to share data with your EHR, our platform delivers an easy solution that fosters the relationship with your patients and allows them to take a more active role in their health.

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Take Action on Your Data Today 

Downloadable patient data is a simple solution to complex challenges. Talk to an Optimize Health expert today to learn more about how you can use it to enhance your patient relationships and streamline your workflows.