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“I can't believe we get this level of customization.”

—Bonnie E. , CMA APC Physicians

“Our patients love that RPM is simple and easy—they don’t have to download anything or have a smartphone, they can just press a button to take their blood pressure twice a day.”

—Kimberly N., Practice Manager

“I have seen increased patient engagement since using Optimize Health’s remote care platform. The ability to easily reach out to patients and their friends and family is incredibly helpful.”

—Aamir I., M.D

“By monitoring patients daily instead of monthly, we’ve been able to catch things quicker because we get their results in real-time, and patients tell us that we are giving them a better quality of life.”


“Our patients love that RPM is simple and easy—they don’t have to download anything or have a smartphone, they can just press a button to take their blood pressure twice a day.”

—Kimberly N., Practice Manager

Improved Outcomes, Happier Patients

Optimize Health's remote patient monitoring platform is a simple-to-use system for healthcare providers like yours to provide improved, more modern healthcare. Maximize your time, increase patient engagement, and simplify your ability to monitor and deliver effective treatment plans for a huge range of patients.

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Top-Notch Patient Care Every Day

Optimize Health delivers everything you need to provide the best patient care from one source, to or from any location. Patient health data is sent directly to our secure remote care monitoring platform where you can monitor and analyze it without the need for patient practice visits. Clinical workflows guide you to the best action, every time.

Seamlessly Track Individual Patient Progress

Centralized call history, patient notes and contact preferences supported by global search functionality, enhanced calling features, real-time notifications and message templates make delivering the best patient care a walk in the park.

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Total Revenue and Program Potential in One View

Billing Dashboard displays patient billability and expected revenue so you’re not left guessing.
+ Measure program health against total revenue potential
+ Revenue calculated based on total patients enrolled and billing eligibility

+ View patient adherence by CPT code


Choosing A Remote Care Solution

  • Choosing A Remote Care Solution

    During the pandemic, healthcare facilities and treatments were stretched as far as they could possibly go, but from such adversity, medical professionals came up with a range of new and innovative ways to treat patients effectively. One of the ways is remote healthcare technology.

    Remote healthcare technology involves using digital technology, including remote patient monitoring apps, to provide remote medical care to patients.

    There are several patient monitoring device examples that patients and doctors can use to stay engaged and receive information about the patient quickly; these include Bluetooth blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, pulse oximeters, ECG and stethoscopes, activity trackers, thermometers, and scales. All these devices can be used remotely, and the results are sent using technology to the doctor.

    Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

    It provides patients with continuous care rather than the reactive care that more healthcare systems offer.

    This type of treatment negates the need for people to go to doctors or hospitals unnecessarily. It is beneficial for patients with complex health conditions or a compromised immune system to deal with common ailments from home. It reduces their risk of contracting another health issue.

    Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring for Doctors

    Remote healthcare technology helps doctors in clinical decision-making. It improves their medical insight into a patient’s overall health. Offering them proactive care means that they can identify trends or alter a patient’s care plan if needed.

    The cost of caring for patients decreases dramatically, and it optimizes staff efficiency overall.

    Implementing a solution like Optimize Health’s software platform will provide patients with a better, more streamlined service. By having a more efficient service, patients will frequently use this healthcare option, leading to doctors and patients creating a more robust, trusted relationship.

    Patients and doctors can stay in touch easily using a remote healthcare platform like Optimize Health or remote patient monitoring CMS standard codes; 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458.

  • What Is Remote Patient Monitoring

    In our modern society, where technology is being implemented in every sector of life, it will not be long before doctors start to use it to improve upon patient care.

    What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

    It involves utilizing technology to capture medical and other health-related data from patients from their homes. This information can be sent to medical practitioners, who will assess this information and provide the necessary treatment.

    It allows people to talk and discuss different ailments with medical professionals without leaving their homes. This is especially great for people with mobility or cognitive issues like severe anxiety.

    There are many remote patient monitoring statistics that prove remote healthcare is becoming more popular. The remote patient monitoring system market was valued at $3.8 billion in 2021, which shows that facilities are realizing more patients are comfortable with being treated at home.

    How Does Remote Patient Monitoring Work?

    When the doctor activates and attaches the patient’s health monitoring device is when remote patient monitoring begins. The information is sent to a dedicated mobile application where the medical practitioners can view it. From that, a wealth of information can be determined. It is a remote patient best practice to continuously monitor and contact a patient regularly.

    The health monitoring device continuously updates the app with real-time information from the patients. If any of the data breaches any parameters set by the healthcare professional, a notification is sent containing a warning message.

    Depending on what medical care the patient needs, a doctor will contact the patient to adjust any treatment plans.

    Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

    Implementing a high-performing software program like Optimize Health can help reduce the number of patients in doctor’s offices and hospitals that could be treated at home.

    It increases proactive healthcare rather than reactive healthcare as it can continuously monitor health conditions. Some examples of remote patient monitoring are treating:

    • Diabetes
    • Prediabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Heart failure
    • Obesity

    The importance of patient monitoring technology such as Optimize Health is that it allows healthcare providers to make informed medical decisions faster by having established a repertoire with the patient previously and having a wealth of historical data.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Technology

    Remote patient monitoring technology shows that progress has been made when it comes to redesigning a healthcare system with many flaws and substandard care. But, like everything, it can be difficult for some of the population to use and get to grips with.

    For medical practitioners with low-quality remote patient monitoring software or who are a part of the older generation, some remote patient monitoring technology will be challenging or difficult to understand.

    Optimize Health understands that some health practitioners will have difficulty using remote patient monitoring devices. To combat this, they have simplified their platform so that it is easy to provide remote patient monitoring and chronic care management through continuous health monitoring devices.

    • They provide one interface where everything healthcare providers need is centralized on one screen.
    • It has information classified by color and a customized view depending on what the doctor has prioritized.
    • You can track every individual patient quickly and easily, giving prompt and accurate care that can be trusted.
    • There is a two-way communication tool included in Optimize Health’s software solution, which means to are connected to your customers at all times and can receive vital health information in real-time.

    It can connect to various devices, including FDA-approved remote patient monitoring devices such as Radius PCG from Masimo, remote patient monitoring devices for blood pressure, and remote patient monitoring wearable watches such as Fitbit.

    Optimize Health can elevate your medical facility so that you can grow patient satisfaction, reduce your overheads by streamlining your practices and increase your profit margin. It is the software solution for every medical facility using remote healthcare technology to treat patients proactively.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Wearables

    Remote patient healthcare has seen a boost in popularity over the last number of years, especially since ailments like diabetes and heart disease can be treated remotely.

    Remote healthcare technology can provide a wide range of healthcare treatments for patients. Due to the vast amount of health problems that can be treated away from a healthcare facility, many remote patient monitoring wearables are available.

    These wearable patient monitoring devices are non-invasive and can collect, transmit and process data. These devices include:

    • Fitness watches like FitBits and Apple Watches
    • Bluetooth-enabled scales
    • Glucose Monitors
    • Sleep and resting heart rate monitor
    • Skin patches
    • Maternity care trackers

    To ensure the quality of the devices are up to standard and can accurately report information and data continuously to doctors, there is FDA remote patient monitoring guidance. This gives a list of FDA-approved wearable devices. The FDA has checked them for how well they operate and if they accurately work on a range of patients.

    Remote patient monitoring devices (FDA-approved, of course) are the center of remote healthcare, so they must be easy to use and comfortable. These devices cannot be restrictive to the patient wearing them as if they could become irritating, and patients may take them off. These devices must also be small so that patients can wear them constantly without getting in the way.

    Once the patient has a device they are happy with and is collecting the information that the medical practitioner requires, there should be no issues with any wearable devices.

    To optimize your patient’s remote healthcare experience, RPM software solutions like Optimize Health are perfect as they are compatible with most devices and can easily interpret your patient’s data.

  • Best Remote Patient Monitoring Companies

    Remote patient monitoring companies allows patients to be treated at home instead of in a medical facility. Remote patient monitoring statistics show that 90% of patients prefer being treated remotely than entering a medical facility.

    This shows that remote healthcare and the remote patient monitoring software market are only starting to grow.

    Many remote patient monitoring software companies can provide software solutions for medical facilities. Optimize Health is one of the best remote patient monitoring companies on the market. It understands current healthcare challenges and is creative in how these issues can be rectified.

    Optimize Health contains an easy-to-use platform with various services to support doctors when providing remote healthcare. It concentrates on three different areas of remote healthcare technology:

    • Efficient workflows
    • True Customization
    • Security and Compliance

    Due to its high-quality software solutions, it will create excellent care experiences for all medical patients. Optimize Health can provide software solutions for remote patient monitoring startups and established companies.

    Within Optimize Health’s software are the following features:

    • Centralized dashboard to quickly see important information.
    • Information is color-coded for prioritization.
    • Patient readings are automatically averaged to ensure that they are within the parameters set by the doctor.
    • Customize views by various parameters.
    • Customize each patient’s treatment goals and plans.
    • Search for a patient using a variety of different parameters.
    • Two-way communication between doctors and patients through calling and texting.

    Optimize Health can push your medical facility to the next level through its user-friendly and comprehensive software solutions.

    Contact Optimize Health today to optimize your medical facility and increase patient satisfaction.

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