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“I can't believe we get this level of customization.”

—Bonnie E. , CMA APC Physicians

“Our patients love that RPM is simple and easy—they don’t have to download anything or have a smartphone, they can just press a button to take their blood pressure twice a day.”

—Kimberly N., Practice Manager

“I have seen increased patient engagement since using Optimize Health’s remote care platform. The ability to easily reach out to patients and their friends and family is incredibly helpful.”

—Aamir I., M.D

“By monitoring patients daily instead of monthly, we’ve been able to catch things quicker because we get their results in real-time, and patients tell us that we are giving them a better quality of life.”


“Our patients love that RPM is simple and easy—they don’t have to download anything or have a smartphone, they can just press a button to take their blood pressure twice a day.”

—Kimberly N., Practice Manager

Improved Outcomes, Happier Patients

Optimize Health's remote patient monitoring platform is a simple-to-use system for healthcare providers like yours to provide improved, more modern healthcare. Maximize your time, increase patient engagement, and simplify your ability to monitor and deliver effective treatment plans for a huge range of patients.

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Top-Notch Patient Care Every Day

Optimize Health delivers everything you need to provide the best patient care from one source, to or from any location. Patient health data is sent directly to our secure remote care monitoring platform where you can monitor and analyze it without the need for patient practice visits. Clinical workflows guide you to the best action, every time.

Seamlessly Track Individual Patient Progress

Centralized call history, patient notes and contact preferences supported by global search functionality, enhanced calling features, real-time notifications and message templates make delivering the best patient care a walk in the park.

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Total Revenue and Program Potential in One View

Billing Dashboard displays patient billability and expected revenue so you’re not left guessing.
+ Measure program health against total revenue potential
+ Revenue calculated based on total patients enrolled and billing eligibility

+ View patient adherence by CPT code


Remote Patient Monitoring Company

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Company

    In the modern world, the ability to monitor certain aspects of a patient’s health in the comfort of their home has gained popularity. Medical providers have embraced remote patient monitoring technology due to its numerous benefits. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) uses digital technology and services to monitor, analyze, and capture patients’ health data. This vital health information is subsequently transmitted to healthcare experts for in-depth assessment.

    The healthcare industry is being revolutionized by virtualization, predominantly led remote care companies that augment accessibility and operational efficiency. Renowned remote patient monitoring companies such as Optimize Health are at the forefront of this transformation.

    They provide a robust solution for medical practitioners to manage acute and chronic conditions like hypertension. Additionally, RPM firms play a pivotal role in mitigating health risks for patients who encounter travel impediments, further bolstering the effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

    Optimize Health is an excellent RPM solution that integrates remote patient monitoring software to track the symptoms and conditions of patients easily. The RPM company offers integrated RPM software to leverage cellular-enabled RPM devices and services. Healthcare providers implementing the platform can easily monitor and prevent severe complications in remote locations.

    Leveraging Optimize Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring services, healthcare providers can offer their patients enhanced efficiency in service delivery. By partnering with Optimize Health, these providers can provide customized support, enriched educational resources, and heightened patient engagement, ensuring effective treatment regimens follow-through.

    Through an enhanced comprehension of their patient’s health status, practitioners can refine medication regimens with increased accuracy, consequently reducing the frequency of emergency room visits.

    Healthcare companies pairing with Optimize Health can collect patients’ data in remote areas, improve patient outcomes, and generate new revenue streams for the practice. Through its in-platform features, Optimize Health makes it easy for care teams to keep patients engaged and help the provider generate steady revenues.

  • Remote Monitoring Aide

    Utilizing a remote patient monitoring aide allows medical professionals and healthcare institutions to effectively supervise patients beyond traditional clinical environments. These remote patient monitoring devices are instrumental in maintaining progress tracking, ensuring electronic health records (EHRs) are current, and facilitating seamless communication with healthcare practitioners. Leveraging the RPM service and remote patient monitoring apps, care can be extended to patients in a more accessible and convenient manner.

    Benefits of Health Monitoring Aide or Device to Patients

    • Monitoring aides enhance monitoring, tracking, and managing chronic conditions like congestive heart failure.
    • They facilitate the aggregation of a broad spectrum of health metrics encompassing heart rate, blood pressure, weight, vital signs, and blood glucose levels. Consequently, healthcare providers are empowered to preemptively mitigate potential health complications or prevent worsening the existing conditions.
    • Health monitoring aides help manage patients’ conditions more effectively in remote locations.
    • Monitoring aides report real-time health information; hence the provider gets access to better patient data.
    • Through patient monitoring aids and devices, patients get better access to the healthcare team. RPM devices report real-time health updates so practitioners can respond quickly to emerging concerns.
    • Utilizing health monitoring aides reduces the frequency of in-office visits, enhancing operational efficiency. They also streamline healthcare access by obviating patients’ need to traverse extensive distances for specialized treatment, fostering a more convenient care model.
    • Health monitoring devices facilitate immediate patient health assessments, optimizing their wellness levels. These instruments enable healthcare professionals to direct patient lifestyle modifications while bolstering the management of their conditions in adherence to their treatment regimens.

    How Monitoring Aides Interact With Doctors/Nurses/Providers

    All remote patient monitoring services, including the monitoring aides and the advanced RPM devices, operate at the discretion of the patient’s healthcare provider. The remote monitoring assistant can communicate with the healthcare staff using secure remote access software. Equally, remote patient monitoring aides take over administrative tasks, enabling doctors to focus on providing professional care to the patients.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Platforms

    Health providers have increasingly partnered with remote patient monitoring platforms to meet patients’ need for remote patient monitoring services. The RPM platforms integrate patient monitoring tools and remote patient monitoring systems that support healthcare provider efforts to implement remote care.

    Remote patient monitoring platforms allow providers to use mobile medical services and technology to gather patient health data. Moreover, remote patient monitoring platforms require patients to take their vital signs and complete a symptom evaluation questionnaire. The patient-gathered health data (PGHD) is then transmitted into their electronic medical record. Following the process, the provider can monitor the patient’s condition remotely.

    Optimize Health as an RPM Platform

    Optimize Health provides an advanced remote patient monitoring program. The platform is dedicated to providing healthcare providers and patients with a superior and exceptional experience. With its advanced remote patient monitoring services, Optimize Health enables healthcare providers to offer remote medication monitoring services that ensure optimal care.

    This platform allows healthcare providers to facilitate the following services:

    • Stay in touch with patients
    • Deliver better care
    • Improve patient outcomes

    A remote patient monitoring company, Optimize Health, enables healthcare providers to excel in their remote patient monitoring program through the expertise of its professional teams. The platform leverages its knowledge to educate and integrate healthcare provider care teams to deliver remote care. By taking charge of time-consuming patient onboarding and monitoring tasks, the Optimize Health team streamlines the process. Optimize Health offers various services to assist healthcare providers, including:

    • Coaching
    • Training
    • Coding and billing
    • Workflow support
    • EHRs integration
    • Clinical documentation
    • Regulatory support

    Optimize Health has been meticulously crafted to ensure exceptional usability. It encompasses in-platform tools and features to allow the following;

    • Efficient workflows: Healthcare providers can easily centralize patient data and measurements to check on alerts, send a message, and click-to-call.
    • True customization: The Optimize Health platform offers customization options tailored to the specific needs of healthcare practices. Providers can receive care notifications and establish personalized clinical reading thresholds.
    • Compliance and security: Optimize Health adheres to the latest CMS guidelines to ensure compliance and safeguard against audits.
  • Patient Monitoring Devices Examples

    Health providers require remote patient monitoring devices to engage with their patients. Remote patient monitoring devices allow providers to remotely monitor, report, and analyze patients’ acute conditions. Moreover, remote patient monitoring features continuous health monitoring devices to help track conditions.

    Optimize Health’s patient monitoring devices enable health providers to gain real-time insights into patients’ conditions, facilitating proactive clinical decision-making. Additionally, our remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices empower patients to actively participate in their healthcare journey by fostering a deeper understanding of their well-being daily.

    By leveraging our RPM devices, health providers and patients can effectively identify positive health outcomes, improving overall health management. Trust Optimize Health’s comprehensive solutions to enhance patient care and foster positive health outcomes.

    Wearable medical monitoring devices allow healthcare providers to monitor patients’ steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, and fall risk. These continuous monitoring devices provide valuable insights into patients’ daily routines, allowing providers to understand the impact of everyday activities on their health and symptoms. By leveraging the data collected from these devices, providers can make informed decisions and tailor treatment plans to better address the patient’s needs. Wearable device data plays a crucial role in informing and optimizing patient care.

    By collaborating with remote patient monitoring platforms, healthcare providers establish a seamless patient connection to ensure efficient health tracking. While numerous patient monitoring devices are available, certain RPM companies may restrict their utilization and integration.

    Optimize Health offers a range of patient monitoring devices that healthcare providers can utilize in their partnership, exemplifying their commitment to comprehensive care. Common patient monitoring devices examples you can use when partnering with Optimize Health include:

    • Pulse oximeters: These are non-invasive clips attached to the patient’s finger to measure light wavelengths to determine blood oxygen level.
    • Glucometers: The device utilizes a test strip connected to it to examine the patient’s blood sugar. A small drop of blood is placed on the test strip, and the device reads the blood glucose levels. The meter then promptly transmits the reading to the healthcare provider in real time.
    • Bluetooth thermometer: The device provides the provider with fast, accurate, and essential patient temperature information.
    • Blood pressure monitors: They help healthcare providers calculate patients’ heart rates and blood flow. The cuff measures changes in artery motion and sends the data in real time to the care providers for review. Blood pressure monitors assist in managing conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and kidney dysfunction.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

    Optimize Health is a leading choice for healthcare providers and systems in the burgeoning field of remote patient monitoring solutions. It is recognized as the best remote patient monitoring company for its commitment to fostering sound, healthy lifestyles. Not just a startup, Optimize Health has proven itself as one of the top 10 remote patient monitoring companies in USA, offering comprehensive, effective, and reliable healthcare solutions.

    Unlike many remote patient monitoring companies, Optimize Health ensures an uncomplicated, user-friendly interface. As part of the top patient monitoring companies, we provide a clear, intuitive dashboard, allowing users to derive actionable insights easily. This facilitates confident decision-making and ensures timely interventions, enhancing the quality of care provided.

    As a testament to our commitment to patient safety, Optimize Health is among those remote patient monitoring startups prioritizing data security and privacy. We enforce strict data protection and encryption standards to safeguard patients’ health information, ensuring unwavering confidentiality. Our commitment to privacy and robust monitoring solutions distinguish us from other cardiac remote monitoring companies.

    Optimize Health’s remote patient monitoring solutions foster increased patient engagement, an essential element often overlooked by remote patient monitoring companies in the USA. They enable patients to actively participate in their health management process with timely medication reminders and other self-management tools, ensuring adherence to medication schedules and enhancing recovery outcomes.

    Optimize Health prides themselves on facilitating effective collaboration among healthcare providers. Our solution makes it easier for clinicians to analyze patient data collectively, promoting efficient and more accurate healthcare delivery. Health providers can integrate this system to add revenue streams as their services are more accessible to many patients remotely. We also stand apart as one of the top patient monitoring companies that utilize advanced analytics for predictive insights, allowing for proactive healthcare interventions, improved patient outcomes, and cost reduction.

    Optimize Health is highly recommended for healthcare providers seeking remote patient monitoring solutions to better clinical outcomes and enhance patient engagement. Our commitment to user-friendliness, data security, patient engagement, and advanced analytics places us at the forefront, offering value-driven, holistic, and innovative healthcare solutions. By choosing Optimize Health, healthcare providers can thrive with the effective use of all in-platform care management.

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