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Optimize Health's remote patient monitoring software gives your healthcare practice the tools it needs to deliver better healthcare outcomes, greater patient engagement, and more revenue per customer. Right now. Today.

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“I can't believe we get this level of customization.”

—Bonnie E. , CMA APC Physicians

“Our patients love that RPM is simple and easy—they don’t have to download anything or have a smartphone, they can just press a button to take their blood pressure twice a day.”

—Kimberly N., Practice Manager

“I have seen increased patient engagement since using Optimize Health’s remote care platform. The ability to easily reach out to patients and their friends and family is incredibly helpful.”

—Aamir I., M.D

“By monitoring patients daily instead of monthly, we’ve been able to catch things quicker because we get their results in real-time, and patients tell us that we are giving them a better quality of life.”


“Our patients love that RPM is simple and easy—they don’t have to download anything or have a smartphone, they can just press a button to take their blood pressure twice a day.”

—Kimberly N., Practice Manager

Improved Outcomes, Happier Patients

Optimize Health's remote patient monitoring platform is a simple-to-use system for healthcare providers like yours to provide improved, more modern healthcare. Maximize your time, increase patient engagement, and simplify your ability to monitor and deliver effective treatment plans for a huge range of patients.

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Top-Notch Patient Care Every Day

Optimize Health delivers everything you need to provide the best patient care from one source, to or from any location. Patient health data is sent directly to our secure remote care monitoring platform where you can monitor and analyze it without the need for patient practice visits. Clinical workflows guide you to the best action, every time.

Seamlessly Track Individual Patient Progress

Centralized call history, patient notes and contact preferences supported by global search functionality, enhanced calling features, real-time notifications and message templates make delivering the best patient care a walk in the park.

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Total Revenue and Program Potential in One View

Billing Dashboard displays patient billability and expected revenue so you’re not left guessing.
+ Measure program health against total revenue potential
+ Revenue calculated based on total patients enrolled and billing eligibility

+ View patient adherence by CPT code


Remote Patient Monitoring Software

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Software

    Optimize Health is one of the best remote patient monitoring companies in the USA. But what is remote patient monitoring (RPM)? RPM is an innovative healthcare practice that uses technology to collect patient data remotely. It enables health practices to track and evaluate patients’ vital signs, symptoms, and other health indicators.

    Optimize Health’s remote patient monitoring software uses connected devices, including pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, weight scales, and blood glucose monitors, to measure and transmit patient data.

    Patients can use these devices to measure and share crucial health data at their most convenient time from anywhere in the world. The care model is particularly beneficial for patients with chronic illnesses, older individuals, and those who require ongoing monitoring and care.

    With an RPM, healthcare providers can continuously monitor patients’ health conditions without requiring a hospital visit. Switching to remote care allows providers to detect changes in a patient’s health status, provide timely interventions, and prevent complications.

    Switching to remote patient monitoring platforms offers many advantages, including:

    • Enhanced patient care: Remotely monitoring a patient’s vital signs, symptoms, and health conditions allows for early detection and facilitates timely interventions and proactive care management.
    • Improved patient outcomes: Remote monitoring helps health practitioners identify potential complications before they escalate. That leads to better patient outcomes and reduces hospital readmissions.
    • Cost savings: RPM software companies help healthcare providers embrace remote care. Remote care is less resource intensive than in-person visits, allowing you to increase net patient revenue.
    • Increased patient engagement: RPM software grants patients access to their data and encourages them to actively manage their health.
    • Efficient workflow management: RPM software companies enable healthcare providers to streamline workflow by allowing them to triage patients based on real-time data.
    • Data-driven insights: You can analyze the data collected to identify trends, patterns, and insights and use them to improve care protocols, personalize treatment plans, and identify health trends.
  • Benefits Of Remote Patient Monitoring

    Remote monitoring software is increasingly becoming a staple in healthcare as patients seek convenient ways to stay on top of their health. Patients grappling with chronic diseases such as diabeteshypertension, asthma, COPD, and heart failure, need constant care and monitoring.

    Traditionally, chronic disease management is characterized by:

    • Frequent hospital visits
    • Long waiting times
    • Missed appointments

    With an RPM, you can provide care remotely and spare the patients unnecessary hospital visits. You’ll only need to enroll patients into your program and provide them with continuous health monitoring devices. Some devices, like remote patient monitoring wearables, allow for effortless data collection.

    Once collected, a patient’s data readings sync automatically with the Optimize Health platform. Skilled care providers can then analyze the information and provide the patient with real-time feedback and recommendations. Switching to RPM reduces hospital visits to a few clicks of a button, guaranteed to improve patient outcomes.

    Optimize Health is one of the best remote patient monitoring companies and will help you build a roster of happy patients. It galvanizes your ability to deliver preventive care and shift your healthcare protocols from reactive to proactive.

    Traditionally, patients seek healthcare services when they’re overwhelmed by symptoms, leading to:

    • Health complications
    • Frequent readmission
    • Emergency room admissions
    • Lengthy hospital stays
    • Expensive hospital bills

    An RPM helps you take preventive measures long before the situation turns critical, sparing them the agony, inconvenience, and expensive bills.

    Remote patient monitoring gives you the priceless capability to spot health issues long before they become complicated. With this capability, you can:

    • Keep your patients in excellent health
    • Minimize costly hospital stays
    • Eliminate distressful emergency room visits
    • Lower the cost of care
    • Improve their quality of life

    Improved patient outcomes are also great for reputation. Happy patients will often morph into brand ambassadors and recommend your services to family and friends.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

    When switching to a remote patient monitoring business model, the choice of RPM devices matters. You must pick an RPM device that delivers best-in-class service without overwhelming your patients.

    You should evaluate the features and functionalities of each device to ensure:

    • Capacity to capture data relevant to the patient’s condition
    • Compatibility with your IT system and electronic medical records (EMRs)
    • Seamless integration and data interoperability

    Naturally, you’ll have a better adoption rate if your devices:

    • Are user-friendly and easy to operate
    • Have clear instructions
    • Feature intuitive interfaces
    • Facilitate accurate and consistent data collection
    • Are manufactured by a reputable brand

    All devices in your network must deliver pinpoint accuracy and reliably transmit patient data. Accurate and reliable data is at the heart of making informed clinical decisions and top-notch patient management.

    Device connectivity is also a significant consideration since the entire RPM model hinges on the ability to collect and transmit accurate data. Since data privacy is a huge concern, you should prioritize data encryption and compliance with privacy regulations.

    You must ensure the RPM devices comply with relevant regulatory standards, such as FDA regulations for medical devices. Lastly, consider the upfront and ongoing cost of the RPM devices, including purchase, lease, maintenance, and data management.

    Optimize Health provides the best health monitoring devices for home usage. We offer:

    • A diverse range of FDA-complaint-connected devices.
    • Secure at-home drop-off for your patients.

    These devices connect to our innovative remote patient monitoring software. Seamless integration with EMRs automates data processing for workflow efficiency and unified clinical operations.

    Optimize Health uses licensed healthcare professionals to monitor the devices around the clock. Our registered nurses will review and analyze patient data to avoid false alarms and alert you to provide timely intervention when necessary. Our services are optimized to help you benefit from the lucrative remote patient monitoring reimbursement model.

  • Patient Monitoring System

    A patient monitoring system offers the unique advantage of lowering the daily workload while improving patient outcomes. Managing patients with chronic disorders such as COPD, diabetes, or hypertension, can tax your staff and resources.

    The treatment plans for such conditions call for frequent hospital visits, and these patients often account for a large portion of the emergency room admissions. Remote patient monitoring apps, such as Optimize Health, can help supercharge your ability to care for at-risk patients and ensure they thrive.

    RPM software allows you to:

    • Collect vital patient data outside the traditional healthcare setting
    • Track vital signs, symptoms, and other parameters in real-time
    • Reliably detect deviations
    • Intervene quickly to prevent health complications

    Unlike other remote patient management tools, Optimize Health offers an all-in-one RPM solution. When signing up with Optimize Health, the platform will identify the patients who can benefit from RPM services and migrate them to the platform. The onboarding process entails equipping patients with connected devices to monitor their vital signs.

    Optimize Health provides a dedicated team of health professionals skilled in remote vital sign monitoring alongside the patient monitoring system. Our experts will:

    • Review the patient’s readings daily
    • Establish a patient’s baseline patterns
    • Engage patients through the app’s communication features
    • Professionally address any patient concerns
    • Reliably inform your care providers of a problem for quick intervention

    Since an RPM lets you spot potential problems long before they snowball, you can help minimize complications, hospital stays, and emergency room visits among patients with chronic diseases. It leads to improved patient outcomes and exceptional patient experience, which is great for your reputation.

    Optimize Health can also help you grow your revenue streams. The platform lets you expand your services to include remote healthcare services. Besides lowering overheads while scaling your services, remote care lets you tap into the lucrative remote patient monitoring reimbursement care model.

  • RPM Software

    Optimize Health’s RPM software solution is perfect for remote patient monitoring startups looking to scale quickly. It features innovative all-in-one capabilities optimized to help you maximize revenue opportunities by:

    • Multiplying reimbursement opportunities
    • Increasing your patient volume through remote care
    • Supporting enhanced preventive care
    • Lowering the cost of chronic disease management
    • Increasing patient retention and satisfaction

    Besides the software solution, Optimize Health provides standardized medical devices and drops them off at your patients’ doorsteps. The platform also provides a dedicated remote team to track and monitor patients’ vital signs on the software’s intuitive dashboards.

    The registered nurses will engage and educate the patients and only escalate the cases that require medical intervention. Since Optimize Health uses the JIT staffing model, your RPM cost is proportional to the size of your operation.

    Optimize Health’s software allows you to switch to value-based healthcare without substantial upfront costs. The solution integrates seamlessly with your IT infrastructure, including electronic medical records. You’ll not need to overhaul your existing technology to deliver personalized patient care.

    Implementing Optimize Health’s RPM is a hassle-free way to expand your practice without establishing new locations. Remote care lets you transcend geographical limitations while improving the quality of care. You can onboard more patients without enduring an onslaught of in-person visits.

    The RPM software includes robust data analytics capabilities that may help you improve the quality of care. It’ll help you:

    • Collect and analyze patient data over time
    • Generate data-driven insights
    • Leverage evidence-based decision-making

    You may also tailor the RPM to suit specific conditions, treatment protocols, and patient preferences to improve resource allocation, operational efficiency, and patient experience.

    Optimize Health’s RPM software’s innovative patient engagement features can help you improve patient experience and treatment outcomes. Patients can access their healthcare data and communicate securely with healthcare providers through the platform. Enhanced engagement promotes self-management and improves adherence to treatment plans.

  • Deliver World-Class Patient Experience Without Sacrificing Profits

    Optimize Health’s RPM solution is tailored to improve patient engagement and enhance health outcomes while scaling your operation. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about what our RPM can do for your practice.

Expand your approach to patient care.

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