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2022 Trends in Remote Monitoring: What Healthcare Providers Can Expect from the Year Ahead


This past year proved to be a banner year for remote monitoring. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) utilization continued its rapid upward trajectory, with an estimated 39.3 million patients in the US using remote patient monitoring in 2021 (up 35.5% from 2020)1. State commercial and Medicaid eligibility is no longer the exception, but the norm. And five new Remote Therapeutic Monitoring have been added for reimbursement eligibility beginning with the 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.

With so much growth occurring so quickly, it’s time to take a moment to explore what these advancements mean on a practical level for providers looking to build or expand upon their own remote monitoring programs and the millions of patients they serve.

During this 1-hour recorded presentation Optimize Health co-founder and chief strategy officer Jeff LeBrun joins Robert Jarrin, one of the remote monitoring industry’s most prominent legal advisors, to discuss:

  • How remote monitoring and connected care are transforming in a post-PHE world
  • Rule changes brought about by the 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
  • The new Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) CPT Codes in detail
  • The continued expansion of the remote monitoring reimbursement landscape
  • Effective strategies for evaluating and utilizing the growing number of connected care services
  • And more

Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your existing remote monitoring program or evaluating one for the first time, this presentation will help you understand what to expect from the remote monitoring landscape in 2022 and beyond.

Insider Intelligence US Remote Patient Monitoring Forecast Reviewed Nov 2021

Who is this webinar for?

This free webinar is an ideal resource for:

  • Practice owners, executives, administrators, and other healthcare decision-makers
  • Physicians interested in or currently offering some form of remote patient monitoring
  • Non-physician clinical staff involved in remote care decision-making
  • Practice or office managers
  • Healthcare staff involved in revenue cycle management or optimization

The takeaways from this session can be applied in the following clinical settings:

  • Outpatient / ambulatory physician practices
  • ACOs and other group practices
  • Health systems
  • Hospital outpatient departments
  • FQHCs and other safety net providers
Meet the Presenters
Robert Jarrin
Jeff LeBrun

2022 RPM Trends Webinar