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2024 Remote Care Billing and Coding Guide

Need a refresh on codes, reimbursements, and use cases? Get the guide for all the answers.

Every year, the CMS Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) updates rules and reimbursements. As remote care has grown in adoption, supported by proven improved patient outcomes for those with chronic conditions, CMS has continued to expand coverage.

In this year’s final rule, CMS made some key decisions that are good news for practitioners related to remote patient monitoring (RPM), remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM), chronic care management (CCM), complex chronic care management (CCCM), and principal care management (PCM).

Highlights include:

  • 2024 average reimbursement amounts for each CPT® code.
  • Billing under G0511 for RPM for FQHCs and RHCs will be effective January 1, 2024.
  • CMS clarified RPM and RTM billing ambiguity regarding an “established patient,” 16 days of data requirements, global surgery periods, and concurrent services.

2024 Remote Care Billing and Coding Guide