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Driving Patient Engagement and Adherence Through Remote Patient Monitoring

Like all other home-based interventions, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) requires engaged patients in order to be successful. Strong RPM program adherence has been shown to lead to better outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, a better patient-provider relationship, and a greater sense of empowerment.

In this webinar, we will showcase how to drive patient engagement and adherence through your RPM program, covering:

  • Why engagement is critical to RPM success
  • The three factors that motivate patient behavior
  • Choosing the right monitoring device technology for your patient population
  • The value of a comprehensive onboarding process
  • Effective methods of communicating with patients
  • Just-in-time interventions and support
  • Resourcing for effective patient engagement

Whether you’re a hands-on practitioner or a non-clinical administrator, new to RPM or seeking an alternate solution, this webinar will provide you with a solid understanding of how you can boost patient engagement and adherence, leading to a successful Remote Patient Monitoring program.

Drive Patient Engagement Webinar