Reducing Hospitalizations and the Effects of Chronic Kidney Disease with RPM

Decrease in hospitalizations < 60 days: 30%

Patient adherence (16+ days of readings per month): 90%

Patients eligible to bill for CPT® Code 99457 each month: 98%

Program growth in 2 months:200%

When Melanie Brinkley, practice manager at Kidney Disease Consultants, was researching remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions, she already knew which patients would benefit from real-time, daily monitoring.

“Chronic conditions are so prevalent with our nephrology patients, like diabetes, high blood pressure, or volume [weight] issues, and we didn’t like the idea of only seeing our hypertensive patients every few months,” she said.

Download this case study to learn how Optimize Health helped Kidney Disease Consultants to:

  • Reduce hospitalizations, renal disease progression, and cardiac mortality
  • Achieve 200% program growth in just 2 months by getting patients excited about RPM
  • Gather better insights from their patient data through segmentation
  • Implement a dedicated RPM lead in their practice to drive further program growth and success

Kidney Disease Consultants Case Study