Remote Patient Monitoring Economics 101

At its core, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a fundamental program meant to offer healthcare providers insight into previously inaccessible health data for some of their most vulnerable patient populations. This consistent, instantaneous data gathering serves as a powerful preventative measure with a proven track record of improving a number of critical health metrics: from outcomes and readmission rates to patient satisfaction and care access to broader care plan engagement.

RPM expert Daniel Levine will walk you through the ins and outs of RPM economics, helping you better understand the return on investment of RPM on your practice with topics like:

  • How to launch and manage a financially sustainable and clinically impactful RPM program
  • The RPM CPTĀ® codes and HCPCS code
  • The RPM Reimbursement Landscape, including key national trends shaping Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payor coverage for remote monitoring
  • The economics of outsourcing monitoring to an external partner
  • Device financing models
  • Patient financial responsibility
  • And more

RPM Economics 101 Webinar Recording