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Choosing the Right Remote Patient Monitoring Solution for Your Practice


As remote patient monitoring (RPM) has grown, so has the number of RPM vendors. And the selection process has become more complex. It’s no longer just about choosing the best software or lowest price tag. It’s about finding the right partner who offers the services and support that match your organization’s goals.

We’ve seen many practices launch RPM programs with lofty goals and then struggle to achieve the clinical and financial benefits they expected. For RPM to work, providers need a trusted partner and a clear understanding of exactly what it will take for an RPM program to succeed.

In this recorded presentation, RPM experts Jerry Barsz and Vincent Sandoval walk through exactly how to evaluate potential partners on several key criteria including:

  • Software
  • Patient engagement
  • Client success and support
  • Managed services
  • Device selection
  • Partner expertise
  • Financial impact
  • And more

Whether you’re launching a new RPM program or considering switching vendors, this presentation will provide practical insights for the evaluation process, including a list of questions to ask potential RPM partners.

Who is this webinar for?

This free webinar is an ideal resource for:

  • Practice owners, executives, administrators, and other healthcare decision-makers
  • Physicians interested in or currently offering some form of remote patient monitoring
  • Non-physician clinical staff involved in remote care decision-making
  • Practice or office managers
  • Healthcare staff involved in revenue cycle management or optimization

The takeaways from this session can be applied in the following clinical settings:

  • Outpatient / ambulatory physician practices
  • ACOs and other group practices
  • Health systems
  • Hospital outpatient departments
  • FQHCs and other safety net providers
Meet the Presenter
Jerry Barsz
Vincent Sandoval

Choosing the Right RPM Solution for Your Practice Webinar On-Demand