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Optimize Health + athenahealth: Providing Better Remote Care with Connected Data

Optimize Health | 12 July 2022
2 minute read

In clinical environments, how you spend your time matters. With the average in-person office visit lasting 17-18 minutes, providers and care teams need less time doing paperwork and data entry, and more time with patients to deliver the right type of care.

It’s time to take back your time.

Today, Optimize Health is thrilled to announce our new partnership with athenahealth that offers a direct integration into athenaclinicals, one of the most trusted names in EHRs. Now, connecting your patients to RPM and leveraging real-time data is right at your fingertips.

Better Connected Care in One Click

We built an integration with athenahealth’s EHR with one key principle in mind: having trusted data in your EHR is paramount to delivering the right care at the right time. All too often, patient data is either outdated, split across different solutions, or in the wrong fields altogether.

But our bidirectional sync with athenahealth’s EHR changes what’s possible.

The new integration with athenaclinicals saves you valuable time when onboarding new RPM patients, saving as much as two minutes of data entry per patient. That can add up quickly – an hour and forty minutes after 50 patients.

How? Our sync sends information from athenaclinicals into Optimize Health, meaning you never have to re-enter patient data that already exists, eliminating redundant data entry. Similarly, whenever a patient takes a reading, those vital signs are automatically sent back to your EHR, ensuring you always view up-to-the-minute patient readings and can provide proactive care right away.

Connecting Patients to RPM is Better than Ever

Our direct integration offers:

  • Saved time. Our bidirectional sync means patient data is sent from athenahealth to Optimize Health, and from Optimize Health to athenahealth, with no work or maintenance required.
  • Updated data faster. Our integration automatically sends patient vital readings back into athenaclinicals, so you always have updated patient data to make proactive, patient-centered decisions
  • Data in the right fields. We use discrete data so that every data point has a set origin point and destination, so data is exactly where you need it, and nowhere that you don’t. Blood glucose sync into “Results” Blood pressure, weight, pulse ox, sync into “Vitals”

How it Works

athenahealth Optimize Health Integration Workflow 11. Create and sign patient order for RPM in athenahealth

athenahealth Optimize Health Integration Workflow 22. Patient is synced into Optimize Health RPM platform

athenahealth Optimize Health Integration Workflow 33. Patient set up with a device and submits readings

athenahealth Optimize Health Integration Workflow 44. Patient vitals readings sync back into athenahealth

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